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The statistics regarding identity theft are frightening to say the least. Every two seconds, a person’s identity is compromised. In the UK alone, two billion identities were compromised last year.

This is a problem that does not seem to be going anywhere any time soon; in 2015, the victims of identity theft rose by 57 per cent. Unfortunately, most people just view these as numbers, until it happens to them. Turning your social media profiles to private and using free credit monitoring is not enough to keep your identity protected. But, there is an option, and it only costs 50p – ID Pro Guard.

But first, let us explain why identity theft is such a huge problem. One of the main reasons why identity fraud is rife is because of increased social media use. From Facebook to Twitter, we all enjoy posting about what we have been up to, sharing photos of events, and ‘checking-in’ at different locations. We’re more connected than every before. While this brings many benefits, it has also provided fraudsters with a hunting ground to get the information they need. All they need to do is browse your social media profiles and they will be able to build up a clear picture about who you are. Setting your account to private is a good move, but it does not guarantee you will be safe. These hackers are savvy; they could set up a false account and pretend to be someone you know, or they could use sophisticated technology to break down the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn’s security defences.

ID Pro Guard ensures they are not able to do this successfully. How? Well, we use Internet surveillance and social media tracking to monitor all online activity. As soon as we notice anything suspicious, we will alert you instantly via text or email. If the activity is a breach, you should let us know straight away. Our experienced team of specialists will immediately get on the case to ensure your identity is protected. We work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, so you don’t need to worry about ever being unprotected.

Of course, there is another form of identity theft, and this takes place offline. There are still those who use traditional methods, i.e. they may steal your handbag or wallet. When they do this, they have a wealth of information about you. Your ID card or passport reveals your date of birth, full name, place of birth, and such like. There are also your credit and debit cards, showing your bank details, as well as your business card, revealing your occupation. And, it gets even worse if you have a photo of your loved ones, as they can then build a picture of your family. It is not hard to see how they would be able to pretend to be you with ease.

Our team also deals with this. As soon as you notice that your purse or wallet has gone missing, or anything else with important documents and cards inside, simply give us a call. We will take all of the steps necessary to protect your identity, and we will cancel all of your cards.


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